Aftermarket seats for 8th generation Civic Si

There are 3 good reasons why a "spirited driver" might want to do this:

  • More head room (especially for tall persons that wants to wear a helmet)
  • Shave weight! In the 8th gen car, just by replacing your seats, you can save up to 50-60 lb. (depending on your aftermarket choice)
  • For the looks bro! (this, valid for show-offs :D)

What do you need

Well, this one is very simple:

  • Aftermarket seats
  • Brackets and sliders
  • 2.7 ohm resistor (if you change only the driver's seat)

Sliders are not required if you want to be even lower. However, keep in mind that without sliders you cannot move the chair back and forth and you will be stuck in one position only.
When mounting the seat directly to the bracket, in most of the cases, you need to drill new holes into the bracket. So make sure you can reach the pedals before you do anything.
Will be kind of silly to tape bricks to your shoes so you can reach the pedals :D.


Because the factory seats are equipped with side airbags, by removing the seats you risk to disable all the other airbags as well.
Some say they will ... some say they won't ...
To be safe, consider they will NOT go off and assume all the risks if you decide to go ahead with this modification!!!

That being said, if you change ONLY the driver's seat, there is a way to get rid of the airbag light and complete the circuit.
However, if you change both seats, there is no way to complete the circuit for the passenger side because of the pressure plate. And there is no way of transferring the pressure plate from one chair to another ... unless you completely destroy the factory seat and hack the hell out of the aftermarket one. I have opened the passenger seat and I just give up once I realized I have to cut up the chair in order to remove stuff from it. However, if anyone have found a way to make this work by only using resistors, please let me know :).

Let's do this!

Changing the seats is not a difficult task, but it does require some time ...

First, mount your aftermarket seat on the bracket and sliders - this is quite straight forward - 4 screws to the sliders, 4 screws to the bracket.
After that, you start removing the factory seat(s). This is not hard either, but you gotta pay more attention so you don't scratch/damage anything inside your car.
The seats are hold down by 4 screws/bolts (whatever you want to call them). Take them out and then push the chair on its back so you can have a look at what's going underneath it.

Unclip everything, but make sure you note which one is which. Some of the wires are also clipped onto the chair so remove those as well.
Once everything is unclipped, put the chair on its side with the "Si" emblem facing the door and remove the chair from the car. Make sure the chair is in the "L" shape - it will be much easier to remove. Don't hurry up and make sure you are not scratching anything while doing this.

Once the chair is out of the car, you will need to remove 2 things that we will reuse - the seat belt bracket/connector for the "seat belt tongue" and the small sensor that goes on the rails under the chair! The sensor will be a little tricky to remove, but I'll let that one for you to figure out :). See the pictures to have an idea what to look for!
Once they are removed, installed them to the new seat. If you don't have a place where to put the sensor you have removed, you can do what I did - tape it down to the bar of the seat belt bracket.

If you only install the driver's seat and you want to use the resistor, now is the time to put it in. Have a look at the pictures to have an idea how to connect it and then tape down the ends.
If you install both chairs, then don't even worry about it. Just tape down the ends so nothing will get in there.

The only thing left now is to pop the chair(s) into the car, reconnect your seat belt connectors and bolt them down to the floor.
Take a seat, adjust to your preferred position and go for a drive :). Btw, remember to keep your distance now, air bags might not work :D.

Additional info

That little sensor that you have removed from the driver seat ... what does it do!?
Well, the seat belt bracket has inside another sensor. That, together with the other small sensor, tells the computer how far the seat is from the steering wheel.
In case of an accident, the force used to deploy the airbags will be different based on the driver's position.

As far as I remember, I do not think you need to remove any sensors for the passenger side; its been a while since I did this to be honest :|.
Other then that, the installation for both seats should be pretty much the same.

I am NOT a professional mechanic. Everything I do I gathered from my experience and from other car enthusiasts.
While what I advise and recommend is one way of doing things, please understand that you take your own chances following my DIYs and I cannot be held responsible if you damage your car or hurt yourself by not following the "proper procedures".