• Toronto Auto Show - 2013

    February 2013.

    A few image selections taken at the Toronto Auto Show - for those of you who missed it but still curious to see what was on display.


  • CSCS, TMP - September 2012

    September 2012.

    Spent my day at the CSCS event enjoying the beautiful day, engine noises and watching cars go by.


  • Megaspeed Custom Car & Truck Show

    March 2012.

    First time going to this show. So many great cars... if I could only get them all home in my tiny garage.


  • OTA, Fabi Shannonville - September 2011

    September 2011.

    A couple of pictures taken at Shannonville, Fabi layout - Ontario Time Attack.


  • HADA Autoslalom - August 2010

    August 2010.

    Another HADA Autoslalom event with a few pictures for your enjoyment.


  • Cayuga TMP - June 2010

    June 2010.

    Taking some pictures of my friends, while they were having fun at TMP.
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to run that day ... needed new tires badly :(.


  • HADA Autoslalom - May 2010

    May 2010.

    First event of the year ... great event and lots of fun!