Dyno tune and a few 1/4mile pulls

The first two videos were taken at the dyno, in the spring after the car was finished. one of them sounds a little muffled because I forgot to remove the case from the GoPro camera :(. For my luck Tim and Peter were there and at least I got a few video with sound and mashed them into one.

Last video is a collage of a couple of videos that I have taken when going with friends at the drag strip.
I have to be honest ... drag strip is fun ... but it lets me hungry for more. I guess 13-14 seconds for 30-40 minutes of waiting is just not enough for me :).
Speaking of, the Civic Si managed to do a nice 13.81 on the 1/4 mile, with a lot of wheel spin in first gear. I guess I need some better tires. Slicks will be difficult to put on since smaller rim will not clear the callipers.

Update - fixed the tire.
Looks like the tire was punctured (very tiny hole). No trace of nails, glass or anything like that.