Cayuga TMP - August 26, 2011 - test and tune

It was a little bit of a frustrating day. I wasn't able to figure out why in the world the car is sliding more then it should.
I've been playing with the tire's pressure a little but still nothing.
Only the second day I have found out why ... flat tire on the driver-rear corner :(. No idea why!
I see no holes or hear any hissing. Took it off the car and waiting to have some time and go for a check. Maybe it just needs to be re-sealed.

On another hand, the new parts (Mishimoto rad and P2R manifold gasket) are working great and the temps are holding a little lower then usual based on the FlashPro data logs.

Even with the tire pressure and a passenger in the car, I was able to put down a 1:26.84 - pretty happy with the time considering the conditions. So, in the end it turned out to be quite a nice evening :).

Took a couple of videos for your enjoyment!

Update - fixed the tire.
Looks like the tire was punctured (very tiny hole). No trace of nails, glass or anything like that.